Fathers Day with the Accessory Store....

 Creating a Masculine Office Space 

with The Accessory Store

1. Arches and Angles

An office is likely to have lots of rigid angles and exact shapes. Adding a lighting fixture with a distinct curvature provides a new counter-intuitive dimension to a space. Below, the flabbergasting geometric ceiling and angled layout of hardwood floors simply call for smooth a smooth line.



 An Arc Floor Lamp also adds a fresh, modern touch to the space.

 2. Mercury

While being extraordinary classic and timeless, when paired with a drum shade, mercury lamps add a contemporary feel to a space.  Masculine office space will come to life with a glossy, reflective mercury piece.

Consider this beautiful creation by Jaimie Young, Large St. Charles Lamp,  which will truly break the seriousness of the masculine office space.

Large St. Charles Lamp



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