5 Quick and Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Boost Your Home's Decor

1. Lucite Risers

     Add depth and layering to your decor. Think landscape design...you want small plants in front, then medium plants with the taller plants in the center. The same goes for inside. Using lucite risers, this effect can turn a flat room into a truly 3-D experience!

2. Decorative Lighting

     Tired of your old choice of halogen, incandescent or CFL light bulbs? Then use decorative light bulbs! These light bulbs are not particularly great for lighting an area, but can be used in combination with other types of lighting to retro or industrial styling to your hanging fixtures.

3. Decorative Balls

     Use cattail, mercury glass, lucite or even sea-shell decorative balls to fill large or clear vases. Mix and match, coordinate with your room's theme, or get creative with your own unique ideas!

4. Easels

     Wooden easels are useful for displaying paintings, plates, or whatever you can think of. Why trap them on the wall when you have some empty counter space?

5. Coordinate Tissue Boxes and Wastebaskets

     Mirrored or painted wastebaskets and tissue box covers can do wonders to a room. Cover up the puffs box and take out the trash for a more elegant look!

     There you have it. Five simple ways to change the look of your room. Please leave comments or pictures on our facebook wall or blog showing us how you used these ideas in your own home! Do you have any quick and easy ways to upgrade a room? Let us know!

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